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She's All Mine!

So today was my appointment to sign the final papers for custody of Brooklyn. Rick has already signed them. So, it is done. The judge has to sign them next Wednesday and then it is final, I have FULL CUSTODY! It's not that I am threatened that Rick will ever take Brooklyn away...but more a safety thing. It's also important for school purposes and a lot of daycares ask if there is a custody agreement so I have one now.

One of my friends thinks I was wrong to get a custody agreement. She was a single parent for a year and just got back together with the childs dad. Anyway, she was furious that I was going after custody, saying it's just a stupid piece of paper...

I don't know how many people think that way, but I myself feel so much better knowing this is done. It can always be changed at a later date if Rick and I decide something else but for now, this is what works for us. And believe it or not, this is one thing that we have never really fought about.

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